Modern Video Production

Before you can sell someone your book, have them register for your course, inspire them to join your organization, or take any action you’re hoping to transpire — you need to get their attention. And there is no more effective way of garnering attention than with video.

In the past, video was expensive to produce and distribution was a nightmare. Now, using modern video production techniques, The Interactive Dept. can produce video tours, demos, animations and online commercials at a fraction of the cost. Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others offer multiple distribution channels to distribute and share your videos –  many at no cost.

Whether shared as part of your social media marketing efforts, or positioned as the lead on your campaign landing page - creative sales videos relay your value and educate the consumer more effectively and in less time than a website or brochure.

“We are all battling for attention – but once you have my attention, creative is the variable.”

Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO of Intermediary

Video Examples

The Coast Is Calling
Coast Cabins

Get Pre-Qualified For An Autoloan
Wailuku Federal Credit Union

Live And Work In Paradise
The Westin

PG&E Rebate Offer
Mitchell Lewis & Staver

Planning Your Garage
Vault Garage

The FRG® Platform

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