A Cultural Alliance Gets A New Name

A Cultural Alliance Gets A New Name

There were a lot of issues with name and brand of the Westside Cultural Alliance when they approached us several months ago – not the least of which was pinpointing exactly where the “Westside” was? An outdated logo that seemed more appropriate for a cellular provider than an arts and culture organization wasn’t helping either. Some organizations need help – the Westside Cultural Alliance needed an intervention.

What would follow was a process that not only brought clarity to the organization, but with it a new name, a new look and new potential for a community looking to put its own name on the map, not just point to its geographic relationship to nearby Portland.

When an organization needs to reinvent itself – we start with our Brand Audit, developed and is run by our own Brand Energizer, Mr. Chris Bartell. Chris has been helping organizations rediscover themselves for years and his workshop is always a source of “ah ha” moments for our clients as he takes them through several excises aimed at getting to the heart of what the organization stands for and its mission in the community.

Through several sessions with the board, Chris was able to parse out the core elements that make this organization so vital to their community – as well clarify their mission and goals as an organization. Through these efforts a new name arose – and we are so proud to introduce Tualatin Valley Creates.

With a new name and story to share, we designed a logo that reflected the organization as it now saw itself. We explored a variety of styles and elements before settling on an abstract mosaic form. The word “mosaic” had been a key word that sprung from Chris’ work – and the concept of diversity and the variety of creative disciplines really were encapsulated in this form. We chose 4 colors to represent our key areas: Arts, Culture, Heritage and Humanities.

Finally – we turned out attention to creating a new website that would serve as a hub for discovering all the events and cultural opportunities available in Tualatin County. Since the goal of the organization is to promote all the talent that exists – the website would have to provide the tools to allow Tualatin Valley Creates to share that information. We chose to develop the site on WordPress to allow easy publication of articles and news from non-tech-savvy editors. We created an artist directory to allow local artisans to promote themselves and their events via the website.

With all of this in hand we officially launched the new brand at an event earlier this month with board members as well as artists and organizations from throughout the community. The response was spectacular! To introduce the new name and brand we created this short film below.