Three Digital Marketing Solutions To Increase Your Sales In 2019

Three Digital Marketing Solutions To Increase Your Sales In 2019

With 2018 coming to a close a lot of our clients are asking for recommendations to help drive more traffic to their websites and close more deals in the coming year. A lot has changed in digital marketing recently – and below we give a few solutions we’ve found create measurable results for our clients in the form of more site traffic, and ultimately more sales. If you’re looking to dial things in for the New Year - drop us a line and we can customize a digital marketing package for you.

1) Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows they should have a blog – but nobody has the time to populate one. Whether its improving organic SEO on your website, or proving thought leadership on LinkedIn or Medium, developing informative articles on topics important to your industry is the best way to attract potential customers to your business online. Our writers work with your leadership team to extract quality content that educates and informs consumers. This pillar content can then be broken down into a variety supporting content – from short videos and infographics to social media posts and print ads. Consistent, quality content delivered across a variety of channels is key to defining your brand voice in the marketplace.

Example: We created a robust content marketing strategy for Black Butte Vacations to entice new customers to visit Sisters, Oregon.

2) Create A Paid Social Media Strategy

Whether it's attracting consumers through Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, or developing B2B brand awareness on LinkedIn, having a defined social media strategy is key to any business marketing online these days. What some organizations don’t realize though is that all social channels are a “pay-to-play” system and to have real success you’re going to need a budget for paid social media and a strategy that will make certain your content is getting in front of potential customers. Defining your audiences and integrating your content marketing strategy to produce engaging social media posts is key to success across these channels. A paid social strategy allows your business to tap into new targeted leads and connect with existing customers where they’re already spending their time online.

Example: We developed a paid social strategy to help connect Wailuku Federal Credit Union with their community.

3) Define Your Sales Funnels

Now more than ever its important to connect your sales strategy with your website. Too often corporate websites exist more in the realm of marketing, rather than sales - promoting the brand but not closing the deal. Often when promoting the website, only the homepage link is provided, dropping potential customers off with no clear path to take. This “choose your own adventure” style of website experience results in a lot of lost opportunities. Your marketing efforts should have a clear intended path you anticipate the customer to take online, from customized landing pages and offers, to unique lead forms that capture their information. Re-marketing tags allow you to connect site visitors to future digital marketing campaigns. All of this should be measured and optimized as the campaign proceeds. If you’re still just driving “traffic” to your website and hoping they clickContact Usin the site navigation, it's time to define your digital sales funnels.

Example: We developed "The Coast Is Calling" campaign and landing page to increase reservations for boutique hotel Coast Cabins.

Ready to Dial In Your Digital Marketing?

If your answer to the suggestions above was “Yes, Yes, Yes” – reach out today to bring The Interactive Dept. on board as your digital marketing partner in 2019. Solutions are customized to your industry and needs, with packages starting at $2000/month – which includes both content production as well as strategy and reporting.