Wailuku Federal Credit Union
Meeting The Locals With Facebook Ads

Despite having served the community of Wailuku for over fifty years, when we asked the team at WFCU how many folks in the community were aware of them, their response was "very few." We've worked to change that - and to let the people of this island community know there is an alternative to the big, mainland banks. A community credit union that not only provides all the services and value of a larger bank, but whose mission is also to serve the community and give back whenever possible. We worked with WFCU to showcase that relationship and develop social media content that educates the community and builds that trust.

Using Paid Social
To Reach New Customers

Most businesses focus on creating an organic following on social media – trying to grow followers and then produce weekly content to post for them. We took an alternative approach with Wailuku FCU, assuming that most of their followers are already members and that non-members weren't likely to follow them. By using paid spend and targeting just their community, we can reach potential customers who are not following the business with informative content that might peek their interest in learning more. This creates more engagement in the form of Likes, Comments and most importantly - new members!

Detailed Tracking Provides Actionable Insights

All social media campaigns are tracked and measured to optimize performance and discover customer insights and content preferences.

Quality Content,
Delivered Consistently

By using a paid social media strategy, we are constantly reaching new potential customers and therefore don't have to create the constant flow of creative required for an organic social media strategy where you are always posting to the same group of folks. By augmenting your audience demographics you can not only push one campaign concept to multiple groups, you can A/B test the content to optimize your campaign based on performance with past audiences.

60-Second Spots Are Pushed To Potential Customers
On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Once you've identified your audience, the next key is putting compelling content that captures their attention. Textual links and banner-ads are often over-looked in the long stream of social media content - whereas video catches the eye. For WFCU we created several 60-second videos that lead to additional content on their website. These eye-catching videos educate members and potential members and drive those viewers to the website for more information.

Social Content Drives Leads To Your Website

Our social media content drives leads to our website, where we provide more information in the form of detailed articles, videos and other promotional content that provides additional insight into the topic that brought them there - all pushing towards the setup of a new account. Re-marketing tags allow us to track site visitors from various channels and then continue to market to them with additional content.


Tracking, Measuring... Improving

Rather than simply creating a pretty website, we develop sales funnels that utilize social media content to push prospective customers to learn more and engage with our customer. We track and measure every step of the path to optimize our campaigns, thus lowering our cost per lead. Heatmaps, Google Analytics, and Social Media metrics provide a level of insight unimaginable with traditional media.

Are You Ready To Create A Sales Funnel That Drives Leads?

If your organization is looking to find more clarity in its marketing efforts and to start taking full advantage of paid social media, that is a conversation we would love to have. Fill out the form below and we'll schedule a time where we can discuss where your business currently is, and where it would like to be.