Coast Cabins
Listen Up - The Coast Is Calling

While it's location in the small Oregon coastal town of Manzanita is a major part of its charm, that distance can often let Coast Cabins slip from top of mind even for its most loyal customers. From time to time, those past guests and potential newcomers need a gentle reminder – and to help trigger that craving we launched a social media marketing campaign entitled "The Coast Is Calling" that captured the beauty and feeling of peace and escape that comes from heading to the Oregon Coast. 

Using Paid Social
To Reach New Customers

Targeting audiences on Facebook based on interests, geography, hobbies and a variety of other demographic data allows us to promote Coast Cabins to potential customers who are actually interested in their content. This creates more engagement in the form of Likes, Comments and most importantly - reservations!

Detailed Tracking Provides Actionable Insights

All social media campaigns are tracked and measured to optimize performance and discover customer insights and content preferences.

Modern Video Production
Creates Compelling Social Media

Traditionally the cost of video production and distribution made creating engaging videos an expensive undertaking from small businesses. By using modern video production techniques and distributing content via social media channels – we're able to market to a targeted audience likely to become future customers.

Social Content Drives To Booking Website

Our social media content drives leads to our website, either to individual home profiles or posts on the blog for local events and activities. Re-marketing tags allow us to track site visitors from various channels and then continue to market to them.


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Tracking, Measuring... Improving

Rather than simply creating a pretty website, we develop sales funnels that utilize social media content to push prospective customers to our various properties and offers. We track and measure every step of the path to optimize our campaigns, thus lowering our cost per lead. Heatmaps, Google Analytics, and Social Media metrics provide a level of insight unimagineable with traditional media.

Are You Ready To Create A Sales Funnel
That Increases Reservations?

If your organization is looking to find more clarity in its marketing efforts and to start taking full advantage of paid social media, that is a conversation we would love to have. Fill out the form below and we'll schedule a time where we can discuss where your business currently is, and where it would like to be.