Vault Garage
Re-Imagining The Luxury Garage

For more than a decade, VAULT® has been designing and furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating custom, personalized solutions for some of the finest homes in the world. They practically invented the "luxury garage" concept. We've been with Vault since the beginning — helping define the brand and manage the website that introduces potential customers to these best-in-industry products. As times have changed, so have our responsibilities — and today we've taken on social media management, SEO as well as other digital marketing solutions to help grow their audience and support existing customers.

Using Paid Social
To Reach New Customers

Selling a high-end product requires attention to audience demographics to make sure your marketing dollars aren't lost on individuals not capable of purchasing your product. Photos of high-end automobiles can get a lot of engagement, but not a lot of sales. High-wealth individuals are also less likely to "follow" your social channels - so a paid marketing strategy that puts your content in front of the right viewers is key.

Detailed Tracking Provides Actionable Insights

All social media campaigns are tracked and measured to optimize performance and discover customer insights and content preferences.

60-Second Spots Are Pushed To Potential Customers
On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Once you've identified your audience, the next key is putting compelling content that captures their attention. Textual links and banner-ads are often over-looked in the long stream of social media content - whereas video catches the eye. For VAULT we created several 60-second videos that lead to additional content on their website. These eye-catching videos attract prospective customers, and the detailed on-site content closes the deal.

Social Media Content Drives Qualified Leads To Website

Our social media content drives leads to our website, where in-depth articles and photo galleries dive deeper into the topic that caught their attention and drives them further down our defined sales funnel. Re-marketing tags allow us to track site visitors from various channels and then continue to market to them.


Tracking, Measuring... Improving

Rather than simply creating a pretty website, we develop sales funnels that utilize social media content to push prospective customers to our various products and offers. We track and measure every step of the path to optimize our campaigns, thus lowering our cost per lead. Heatmaps, Google Analytics, and Social Media metrics provide a level of insight unimaginable with traditional media.

Are You Ready To Create A Sales Funnel That Drives Leads?

If your organization is looking to find more clarity in its marketing efforts and to start taking full advantage of paid social media, that is a conversation we would love to have. Fill out the form below and we'll schedule a time where we can discuss where your business currently is, and where it would like to be.