Mitchell Lewis & Staver
B2B Social Media Strategies Sell Pumps

Mitchell, Lewis & Staver has been 'keeping the valley green' for over a century, providing pumps, motors and custom irrigation systems for a variety of agricultural, industrial and residential purposes. The website helps show the breadth of products and engineered solutions available from MLS.

Modern Video Production
Creates Compelling Social Media

Traditionally the cost of video production and distribution made creating engaging videos an expensive undertaking from small businesses. By using modern video production techniques and distributing content via social media channels – we're able to market to a targeted audience likely to become future customers.

Social Content Drives To Sales Funnel

Our social media content drives leads to our website, to provide more information about specific offers. By targeting unique groups with specific offers, we develop sales funnels that can be tracked and measured to improve performance and increase conversion rates.


  • B2B social media marketing solutions
  • B2B social media marketing solutions
  • B2B social media marketing solutions
  • B2B social media marketing solutions

Are You Ready To Create A Sales Funnel
That Drives More Leads?

If your organization is looking to find more clarity in its marketing efforts and to start taking full advantage of paid social media, that is a conversation we would love to have. Fill out the form below and we'll schedule a time where we can discuss where your business currently is, and where it would like to be.