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Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account is easy – but claiming a username doesn’t engage an audience. Sure, you can hire a “social media expert” to manage your posts – but five tweets a week doesn’t necessarily close a sale and 20,000 followers means very little if none become customers.

The problem is that most businesses utilize social media like a PR channel – endlessly talking about themselves while rarely interacting with potential customers or engaging in conversations with those discussing their products or services. You know… being social?

Before The Interactive Dept. agrees to manage a client’s social media channels, we first perform a Social Media Audit. We not only review the existing efforts of the client and their competition - deep diving into analytics and stats - we research potential alternative social channels, make content recommendations, define the brand “voice” and outline a social media strategy that will guide all future posts.

What We Do

Review Of Current Channels

The Interactive Dept. reviews all of your existing social media channels to determine the level of engagement and conversion. We review analytics and statistical data to provide clear insight into number of posts, growth of your following, popularity of content posted and various other factors to determine the impact of your social media.

Review of Competitions’ Efforts

Whether direct competitors or similar organizations in your space, reviewing the efforts of organizations that parallel yours to determine what channels they’re dedicating the most resources to (and having the most success with) provides insights into potential opportunities as well as a measuring stick with which to compare your own efforts.

Channel Recommendations

Not every social media channel makes sense for your organization. Often Facebook isn’t the correct play for B2B shops and exploring alternatives such as LinkedIn or niche channels like Houzz can often provide more traction than their more popular alternatives. We look beyond your current channels to see where opportunities exist.

Defining Social Media Brand Voice

Social Media should never be engaged “on the fly”. Speaking off-brand can alienate the very followers you worked so hard to acquire. Many brands have learned the hard way that not defining the types of comments and engagement your company has on social media can not only jeopardize a marketing campaign, but lead to a potential PR nightmare. We help define your social media voice, identify companion brands and businesses to engage with, as well as strategies for responding to negative comments.

Editorial Calendar Planning

The key to successful digital marketing via social media is having a defined audience, clear goals and measuring the performance of your efforts. These social media campaigns should be thought out in advance with a clear editorial calendar. Working with your digital marketing budget we help define channel strategy as well as content development for producing engaging social media that connects with your customers and drives measurable results for your business.

Why Social Media Matters

It might be easy to ignore social media, or write it off as snapshots of lunches and angry reviews – but the fact is, in 2016 social media is an integral part of your brand and must be a focus of your marketing efforts – digital or otherwise. Old avenues likes print ads or mailers have lost their effectiveness and a new landscape has arisen where consumers choose the content and marketing they engage with. Across every demographic, attention and eyeballs have shifted to social, and your organization needs to have a strategy that reflects this new reality.


How We Proceed

If you're ready to bring clarity to your digital marketing efforts, we're ready to get started. The Social Media Audit typically takes two week from start to finish. It begins with an initial meeting where we review the current channels, discuss any campaigns or goals currently in place as well as identify our competitors and complimentary organizations. We also tackle some boring things like acquiring logins and tracking data. 

With that information in hand we proceed with the audit and put together a comprehensive report containing the various resources described above. An additional meeting is held to review the report, discuss the findings and plan your next steps.

The cost of the Social Media Audit is $1995.

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