We Proudly Announce The Launch Of ID/np

We Proudly Announce The Launch Of ID/np

On this Giving Tuesday, we're super proud to announce the launch of our newest brand - ID/np. This new division will focus exclusively on provided digital marketing solutions to help great non-profits connect with the communities they serve.

Since it start a decade ago this January, The Interactive Dept. has always carved out time to work with great non-profit organizations around Portland and beyond. Over the years we've created a variety of websites, fundraisers and social media campaigns for dozens of organizations including Central City Concern, The Forest Park Conservancy, P:ear, Transition Projects and many more.  Over that time we've learned a thing or two about their unique needs when it comes to connecting with the community. However, as the core focus of The Interactive Dept. has always been B2B brands, we never really promoted those efforts on our website or sought out organizations to work with. We've decided the time has come to change this - and rather than refocus the energy of The Interactive Dept., we've created an entirely new brand (and eventually team) to work exclusively with these organizations.

We believe the best way to grow a following is through telling great stories and distributing them across the interwebs - and non-profit organizations have tons of great stories to share. We also understand non-profits don't have huge budgets to create the types of content required to share those stories with potential members and donors, so our hope is to find partners, volunteers and other crowd-sourcing streams of revenue to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with creating great content.

We haven't solved everything just yet - and we anticipate the ID/np brand will evolve immensely over the next year, but we decided that Giving Tuesday was the best time to launch this into the world - and so today we officially posted the website nonprofit-branding.com We also created Instagram and Twitter accounts to begin connecting with all the great non-profit organizations out there that could use our services.

Whether its consulting about social media, creating compelling videos or building out an entire digital marketing strategy, ID/np has the tools and expertise to help great organizations share their story with the world. We're excited to launch this new venture and about all the potential new organiztaions and people we're likely to meet on this journey.