The Interactive Dept. is a digital marketing agency that creates engaging brand experiences — connecting businesses with the customers they serve. We recognize the marketplace has evolved and savvy consumers are no longer captivated by traditional marketing techniques. DVR'ing through TV ads, they stream their commercial-free music and focus more on the screen in their hand than almost anything else around them.

A print ad won't cut it. If you want to connect with modern consumers, you have to share your message where they put their attention. The Interactive Dept. helps craft your brand story, creates compelling content that expresses that message, and distributes it using a combination of digital marketing channels to attract new customers and share your expertise.



We have a passion for helping businesses discover what makes them unique and sharing that story and expertise with potential customers. We use a combination of digital marketing strategies – fueled by analytics and market research – to connect your brand with those who need it.


The Interactive Dept. started as a web development studio for ad agencies over a decade ago. Eventually we began working directly with clients – growing our team and services to help our customers promote their websites, increase their following on social media and share their message across the digital landscape.


The Interactive Dept. has been helping clients build powerful brands and prosperous futures for more than a decade. Our core team provides the vision and expertise needed to drive successful digital marketing campaigns, while our network of talented creatives and producers allows us to customize teams based on the strategic and budgetary needs of the client, while keeping our overhead low (in other words - no company parties).

Greg Spies
Digital Director

Greg founded The Interactive Dept. over a decade ago in lieu of getting a "real" job. Ever since, he has been creating engaging digital brand experiences that connect businesses with the customers they serve. Using a combination of creativity and analytics, he simplifies the complex world of social media marketing, providing clients with actionable insights and measurable results. A seasoned entrepreneur, digital nomad, writer and mentor – Greg splits his time between Portland and Maui, while making sure to carve out enough time for travel in between.

Chris Bartell
Brand Director

Chris has been helping brands craft and tell their stories for more than 20 years as a professional marketer and brand cheerleader. His gift is helping leaders and organizations discover and unleash their super powers. Chris believes every person can become the super hero they were meant to be and that many "mild-mannered brands" can inspire prosperous relationships by discovering their own powerful story. Chris brings a valuable brand communication skill-set to every project – discovering, honing in and unleashing these brand super powers to the world.

Marty Moran
Content Director

As an accomplished poet, screenwriter, and songwriter, Marty has spent his life translating feeling and experience into precise language. His extensive background in education – both as a university instructor and curriculum developer – has shaped a commitment to empowering others to share their own stories. As a copywriter and media manager, he helps small businesses engage audiences with the style and voice that best reflects their unique identity and values. A New Englander by birth and a Westerner by heart, love has nevertheless rerouted him to Cincinnati.


While the majority of our time is spent creating compelling digital marketing campaigns for our clients, we do occasionally carve out some time to produce some content of our own. Here we share our thoughts on the state of social media, insights we learn managing various campaigns and whatever other announcements and thoughts we feel like sharing.

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